About Us

About Logload.


Established in 2018, Logload was created as an one stop digital logistics information and solution. We serve as a digital media platform, data aggregator and tools provider as your problem solver.

Our Values.

The principles that made us

  1. Solutive (Be the answer of your logistics question)
  2. Informative (Being your breakfast on logistics information)
  3. Digital (Embracing technology is in our DNA)
  4. Reliable (It’s news! We don’t do hoax)
  5. Dynamic (Where ideas, innovation and improvement are met)


Our aspiration for the future

  1. Established a centralized digital information on logistics.
  2. Created a digital platfom for the logistic industry stakeholders to run its business.
  3. Created a leading digital information logistics and service provider company.


The acts to achieve

  1. Introducing and embracing the world of logistic to public.
  2. Providing a user friendly and variative digital platform for the logistic industry stakeholder.
  3. Presenting the most actual, comprehensive and accurate logistics news.